Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Purp: A before and after tale

OH hi, quickie little blog post so you don't think I've completely fallen off of a cliff this week.  It's just that every single job that I do, the real one, the Etsy shop, and the booth, have been super busy this week. Not that I'm complaining.

So a friend of mine, Rachel (who has the most awesome hilarious blog Excellence Is Not An Act But A Habit, check it out she's super funny and has really strong arms, girl has the strongest arms I've ever seen), spotted this piece of furniture and sent it my way:

A cute little Drexel chippendale table that someone had painted BRIGHT blue.  I decided to get a little funky with this one because the mood just struck me and I get tired of black and white sometimes....

Not a fantastic picture because it's just sitting in my kitchen, but you get the gist.  It is a lovely shade of lilac and I highlighted those chippendale corners with some metallic gold.  

Imagine it with a really pretty white lamp and a funky tray with brass animalia.  It makes me happy to think about.  Don't let purple fool you....this color can be sophisticated...

not a table...but wowza.

How do you feel about the purp?


  1. Evie- Thanks for the shout-out. The new paint color and gold accents look FANTASTIC! Great work!!

  2. I'm down with the purp! I would have never thought to paint something that color, don't even really care for purple, and yet - LOVE that little purpfection (purp fiction)!

  3. Did you sell the purp?

    1. no, the purp is waiting to go in the booth!



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