Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things In My World

Just added this fun chair to the FINDS available list.  

My favorite feature is the back, which is the most awesome chartreuse velvet...

and the little velvet trim on the arms?  I'm smitten.

It's available for $195

Also just sold a really fun bamboo set....

Some lovely visions are dancing through my head...

like this color a la Furbish

While not styled as pretty that's a great green.

Also, my friend C just found these curtains on Etsy, and I think they are pretty awesome/affordable and can be customized in a color of your choice... $150 a panel

Go forth and get inspired.


  1. love my bamboo set!!! thank so much Evie for finding amazing vintage furniture and sharing it with us :o)

  2. Excuse me, but that chair is AWESOME.

    The fabric needs to go back into production pronto.



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