Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Trim

Today is day 1,000,001 of being sick.  I feel as though I may never breathe right again.  I'm pretty sure there is a butt indentation on our velvet couch because I haven't left it.

Lewis doing his best impersonation (in-dog-onation?) of me.
Excuse the random hand weight and the grasscloth wallpaper sample...I'm only dreaming with the latter, we rent.

This has left me plenty of time to contemplate my own house's decor, and I can't get the idea to paint the trim in our house black out of my head.  We have all white walls...and I think this would look phenomenal.

(all images via Pinterest)

It's like eye-liner for your room right?  I'm having my brother pick me up a quart from the hardware store.  Will probably be painting trim while I'm sick...because of a different kind of sickness I have :)

Would you do a different colored trim other than white?


  1. You could sooo be from my family! Eye liner for the doors, LOL!
    You're kind of right. I can relate to look. In fact I painted the trim in my powder bath black and love it!
    Pretty pictures too. Feel better....



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