Friday, December 13, 2013

Two Makeovers and Yes I know Beyonce Released a Secret Album!

Two quick before and afters to share with you today.  We never got a chance to discuss the transformation of the 6 faux bamboo and caning chairs currently on sale HERE.

Super snooze fest so I knew that this wasn't a "just paint it black or white" situation.  So enter my crazy brain which schemed up chartreuse...

Along with some David Hicks "La Fiorentina" fabric I think these chairs are now the perfect punchy design element.  

Think along the lines of:

The next before and after project has been in my own house, which is oft neglected in favor of client's houses or the shop.  

You know I had been dreaming of black trim for our house.  We have a lot of white walls, which I think is the key to doing black trim, and truth be told we have two dogs who shed A LOT and I was tired of seeing their hair all over the baseboards when I had just swept/vacuumed the day before.

So one night I decided to turn this:


Can you see where I still left a rag and the top to the paint can in the hallway?  I have no patience.  

I chose a high-gloss true black for the trim.  Let me tell you, I'm LOVING it.  However, it took forever to do just this hallway.  Two coats, should have taped off.  Like I said, no patience so I just went in and started free-handing all this trim.  Also, I know you can't tell in this photo but I layered black over that green wall so that some of the green is still showing through and it's actually quite pretty.  That was a happy accident.

Do you have any weekend makeover projects?  What are you dying to try?


  1. Welcome back! I'm so glad to see you blogging again! I love following your recreations.

  2. Wow, I wouldn't have the courage to paint the chairs but the results are truly stunning! One of my favorite features in my home are my black doors that I just painted a year ago along with the crown in the powder bathroom. Stop by and check it out! Your hall was instantly changed and looks hot!

  3. Love the black trim. It looks great!!

  4. I think the black trip looks beautiful!!



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