Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Musings and One Monster Credenza

I'm seeing all of these pictures of people with snow from this weekend.  Is North Carolina the only place that is just getting nasty, muddy rain?  I took some time this weekend while my brother was working the shop for me to hit up some estate sales in the area. 

Vintage dress in the Pantone color of the year.  I can't tell you how sorely tempted I am by things like this.  Would wear it around the house all day with my hair in curlers.

We added a whole bunch of vintage design books to the store this weekend.  I love reading them all and seeing pictures that I think are relevant to design now.  So many of the things we love today are rooted in vintage design aesthetics.  My brother sneakily caught me reading one of the books through the shop window. 

Please note my Christmas decorations.  I love them and will probably keep them up until July.

 Felt accomplished finally getting this monster dresser set up in the shop.  It's 9' long and won't be moved again until it sells.  The inside is lacquered light blue and it's all kinds of divine.  (available at FINDS for $3500)

Everytime someone comes into the shop and sees it one of the first things they say is: "But where would you put it?" or "You'd need a really big room for that!"

I think all you need is one wall that is 9' long (I'm sure everyone has one!) and you'd be set, no grandiose room needed.  

(all images via Pinterest)

This one seems to even be covering a window and that doesn't bother me.

Do you think you could rock a long credenza in your house?  I am mad for them right now!


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  1. OMG fabulous find! It's beautiful.....I could see it in any room, it's a statement piece that would stand the test of time in design. I would love to see the inside.



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