Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Catching Up

Things around FINDS have really started to get busy since the first of the year. 

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mary Beth Paulson of House of Landor, a new high-end vintage clothing business here in Raleigh.  She brought over the most sumptuous, amazing vintage clothing and let me try on (and pose for the camera, though I'm pretty shy in front of it!) some of her pieces.  Let me tell y'all, some of the most fun I've had in a long time.  AND she's offering her services to those here in the triangle.  $45 and she'll come spend an hour with your at your house and bring her collection for you to try on.  You're guaranteed to find something you like or she'll keep searching for you.  So not only will you have on something different than everyone else at your next event, you'll have been professionally styled (modern-ly of course!) in a fabulous vintage number. 

Y'all know I love vintage furniture...well vintage clothing and jewelry...VERY close second.  Check out House of Landor on Facebook and Etsy and see all the fab pieces she gets in every single week.

Me in the pink kaftan.  NOT a natural at this...

    Finished up a bookcase styling! 
You may remember my plans for this project here:

Very pleased with how it came out and the copious amounts of blue and white ginger jars/platters I was allowed to throw in there. 

Finally got this vintage king-sized headboard reupholstered in a magical blue velvet with cream piping and into my parent's bedroom.  Emme pug and the red-orange grass cloth wallpaper provide excellent color accents.

Working on some special projects with my mom's awesome artwork.  Stay tuned to hear more about that.

My plate is just way too full (except literally I haven't eaten wheat in 2 months with only one cheat for pizza which left me writhing in digestive pain the whole night WTF?) I'm thinking I need to hire someone ASAP.  It will have to be a very special someone though, b/c this business is allllll over the map right now, can you tell?


  1. Great to hear from you! Love the vintage finds! Keep us all posted and updated on your cool projects.

  2. That pink caftan is GORGEOUS, and your bookcases look AMAZING!! I love all the blue and white!

    The Glam Pad



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